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US(eless) Patent No. 5.971.829 - Motorised icecream-cone

Today's wacky patent - the motorised icecream-cone (US Patent Number 5.971.829, granted October 26th, 1999), invented by Richard B. Hartman, from Issaquah. This groundbreaking new invention solves that age-old problem - that you have to turn the cone around manually to best enjoy the cone - this invention removes the need to turn the cone, as the internal motor automatically turns the icecream round and round. The magic is achieved by replacing the wafer of the cone with a more durable material, and installing a battery-powered electromotor, which via a number of cogged wheels and gears turns the icecream.

There are two versions, actually - one (to left) where the cone itself is motorised (and distinctly unedible), and one (to right) which is more a holder for a regular icecream-cone.
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