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Today I went out guiding again - same tour as yesterday when we almost went off the bridge. I won't deny that there was a tightened feeling in the chest when we got near the place. On the way home I saw that the railing on the bridge had a very prominent dent where we'd hit it.

The bus was a VDL Bova, very similar to this one. The accident itself knocked loose the entire righthand headlight mount and the lower center panel between the headlightmounts (not sure what to call it - it's not a grille, as the engine is rearmounted with side-mounted air-intakes), bent the front door out of shape and jammed it, and knocked loose side panels behind the door. That's from what I could see just by looking around the bus just after the accident - there might be more that I could not see.

Also, when the bus was transported back to the depot, it seems to have gone into the ditch at least once, gaining further damage - weather was still bad, with strong winds and bad surface conditions. Apparently VDL feels the damage is so extensive that they say it should be written off as a constructive total loss (CTL).

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