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Arrrgh! So Yahoo!Mail seems to have finally fixed a bug which disabled one function in their online reader, where one couldn't (in Opera) mark e-mails as read or unread, or flag them - the menu didn't work. Now, I am instead unable to move e-mails between folders. I can mark them as read or unread, flag them, or even delete them, but I can't move them from sub-folders they're filtered into, to the inbox where my email-software can get to them. Oh, I can do it in Internet Explorer, but I would rather be able to do it in the browser I use every day (Opera), and it did work in Opera yesterday. I have sent off a feedback-form, but I somehow doubt that I will be able to get in touch with anything but an automated answering-service.

Edit: Have now found that while it does not work in Opera 8.51, it does work in slightly earlier Opera 8.5....
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