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Messageboards under different political sustems

Originally posted by The Real Zippy at The Bar, at the Politics, History and Current Affairs Message Board:

Communist Message Board: Everyone e-mails their posts to a central committee, which posts to the board the ones it thinks everyone needs.

Anarcho-syndicalist board: people take it in turns to be moderator for a day.

Democratic republic board: The people all elect a moderator, who reveals himself to be an evil tyrant once elected.

Fully democratic message board: The people all have to vote on decisions that a moderator would normally make. This means it takes three weeks to ban the guy who sets up an automated gibberish posting program.

Fascist message board: One moderator has supreme power. Everyone posts whatever he tells them to or is banned

Nazi message board: Like the Fascist board, but an incorrect post gets you 'terminated'.

Socialist message board: If you make more than two posts in a day, your extra posts are deleted and given to the people who didn't make any.

Capitalist message board: whoever makes the most posts gets to be moderator. This turns bad when the guy who has an automated posting program arrives.

Message boards run by American political parties:

Democrat message board: All the fast typists have their fingers broken so they don't make the slow typists feel inadequate.

Republican Board: Only accessible to those with a 256k link, because the corporate sponsors put seventy banner ads on each page.

Ralph Nader's message board: Won't be online until they figure out how to run a message board without using electricity.

Pat Buchanan message board: Doesn't exist on the internet. Each participant prays for their posts to be be written on the sky in letters of fire.

Australian Politics Special:

Liberal message board: to gain membership, you have to apply to the moderator and wait for a year until he lets you in. Aside from that, copies whichever American political party message board is the most popular.

Labour message board: exactly like the Liberal party board, but pretends to be different.

Democrats message board: the posters spend all their time bitching about the Liberal and Labour message boards. The moderator leaves for another message board because this one's too small.

Greens message board: Contains a wonderfully inspiring greeting message, but doesn't function.

The Nationals board: They don't have a board - just a forum within the Liberal board. But they pretend they still have their own board.

One Nation board: doesn't need a moderator - all the subscribers are too dumb to use a computer, so no posts are ever made.
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